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Anonymous asked: "wait whats happening with cherry and emma? have they fell out?"

No, as they’ve been tweeting each other and Cherry even tagged Emma to do the ALS ice bucket challenge so I would say they’re friends still :)

- Tori

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charlotte-the-ultimate-fangirl asked: "I just love how Anthony Padilla and Kalel Cullen have grown as people and youtubers. I like how they seem mature but still have fun, what do you think of them?"

Anthony and Kalel are my favorite youtubers and I always watch their vlogs :)

- Tori 

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Anonymous asked: "thank you so much for having positive and negative tags. it is so much appreciated."

You’re welcome :)

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Anonymous asked: "So sorry to bother, but when will we be able to send in confessions again? Thanks. xx"

Just go ahead and send in confessions :)

I know it says it’s closed but I don’t know how to change it and I don’t want to mess anything up on the blog so yeah. 

- Tori

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Anonymous asked: "so happy to see people confessing bout holly/cupoftee1000 lately , i was one of her first subs and shes so real and pretty"