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collidewiththegaskarth asked: "do you know any good veeoneeye (jason) blogs? (:"

I don’t sorry :(

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florinageorgiana asked: "What you think about Bethany Mota?"

I don’t watch her videos and I’m not subscribed to her so idk,

BUT I don’t hate her either :)

- Tori

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unwakeable asked: "do you know where i can find a blog or a twitter account where they talk about youtubers' life, like gossip and secrets, everything they don't share with us"

ytuberupdates is the only one that I follow 

but if anyone knows anymore please let me know? :)

- Tori

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Anonymous asked: "I just wanna ask what is up with the catrific thing? Like y do so many people hate her??"

Well I know the phandom (most not all) hates her because they think she’s getting in the way of ‘phan’ and stuff like that

and then Joey Graceffa fans don’t like her because of Jatrific

there’s probs more but it’s pointless hate lol 

- Tori

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girlinalonelyworld asked: "How does one confess?"

Through the ask box my friend 

- Tori