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Anonymous asked: "Hey, Do you know why and what youtubers are going to italy? X"

They’re going to a thing called Itatube or something like that. 

- Tori

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Anonymous asked: "Abour the girl in Louis vlogs: I think Louis sister is in his vlogs sometimes."

That’s what I was thinking but I didn’t want to say because I hadn’t watched Louis’s vlog so I didn’t want to say the wrong girl haha.

- Tori

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Anonymous asked: "hi I was just wondering if you knew why zoe and alfie decided to tell people about there relationship because it was like I went on vacation and they weren't together and when I came back people knew they were."

It was because there was a picture of them on Zoe’s laptop (I think) of her and Alfie in one of Jim’s vlogs and everybody freaked out so Zoe and Alfie made a post about it.

- Tori 

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Anonymous asked: "To the anon asking about Louis, a girl just him and his friends up. It's in his vlog, but idk who she actually is. Maybe no one important?"

I thought it said Louise as in sprinkleofglitr but I think they meant funforlouis lol that’s why I said Zoe. But yeah, idk which girl they’re talking about. That doesn’t really help haha. 

- Tori

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Anonymous asked: "How come "miss" alex day? he isn't stopping lol?"

It’s because he hasn’t posted on his twitter or Youtube, I think. 

- Tori

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Anonymous asked: "Jack & Finn also weren't at Playlist for security reasons. Last year they got followed, harassed (girls camped outside their door & in the hallway) and tackled (a girl jumped on Finn's back and sorta choked him). They may be back next year! :)"

Oh dear. I really wish people wouldn’t treat youtubers like that :(

And at least they’ll be at Vidcon! xx

- Tori